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Why Choose Kathleen's Graphics?

Kathleen J. Shields takes great pride in the fact that her clients love her. She’s dedicated to providing Complete Branding Solutions for all of your graphic & website design needs. Self-taught with a continuing desire to always learn more & stay up to date with the latest technologies, Kathleen implements what you want with what you need so you will be ready to present yourself to the world.

Whatever your business – Whomever your clientele – Kathleen will ensure that your web presence is strong and gets you noticed.

Graphics Design

A graphic designer has an eye for creating designs that attract attention. I can create custom logos, do business card layouts, design full color print media, etc.

Website Design

A website is your first, and many times, your only form of exposure for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold, dramatic and functional.

Author Services

As a published author of 30+ books, I have a unique view-point when it comes to being an author, what works, what doesn't and how to design your brand.

Print Media Branding

Professionally designed marketing materials are essential for any serious business. Combining the right amount of information and imagery, my goal is to get your message across to your target audience in a graphically appealing way. I am a graphic designer who’s goal is to leave a memorable impression for your clients.

Author Services

As an author with 30 published books, I know what you are looking for in interior book formatting, custom cover creation, and marketing. I can design your cover to the specific details of your book (no single stock image that anyone can use). The interior formatting of your book can be simple or extreme with full-page edge-to-edge graphics, full color, or simple.

A Sampling of Book Cover Designs...

Photo Touch-up

From removing the red-eye, recolorizing, adding sepia-tone or bringing color back to a red or yellow picture, I can scan the image, and readjust it to your liking. I can even remove scratches, pops, spots, stains, and anything else within reason. I’m pretty good at Photoshop.

Photo Manipulation

Move the Slider Wheel to see Before and After

Yes, it’s kind of a silly thing to do, but think about the images you can create when you manipulate and merge two or more images to create one unique picture? Author’s want a unique book cover? Musician’s need an eye-catching CD cover or poster? I can help you create it.

Internet Marketing

A website is your most important form of exposure for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold and dynamic, to stand out from all of the other template-based sites. It needs to express visually what you are offering in an eye-catching, appealing, user-friendly way. I am a website designer that utilizes a graphic design flare. When I design a website I take into account the human first and the robots second.

Search Engine Optimization by Kathleen's Graphics

Search Engine Optimization

I will get you listed on Google, Bing by incorporating your keyword or keyword phrase into each page. I do my best to optimize your content to increase your rankings, to better the search results in order to put your website in front of your target audience. *There are no guarantees with SEO as Google changes the algorithms regularly. No one can guarantee 1st page listings unless you are paying for ads, and even then, there are no guarantees.